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Our Collaborations

We are continually inspired by beautiful things from the worlds of art and design and we love to work with like-minded individuals and companies on new and limited-edition pieces. Collaboration is an ongoing process for us, and as a small, privately owned company we have the freedom to go on a creative journey with brands and artists that share a similar aesthetic. Whether it’s through beautiful archive prints, advanced design techniques or creative research projects, we are always looking for people with which to collaborate, and we look forward to announcing some exciting new partnerships and collaborations soon.

For the past three seasons we have worked with the artist Tom Gallant, who appropriates images and motifs for his intricately handmade artworks, prepared using digital techniques. Tom’s work has featured in many international collections and exhibitions, including Audacious at Denver Art Museum, Manus x Machine at The Met New York, and Turkish Tulips at The Bowes Museum. This year sees the launch of a major public art installation by Tom in Berwick Street, Soho – a set of cladding panels and metal gates based on Soho’s cultural past.

For Morpho + Luna, Tom incorporates flora and fauna into his beguiling prints, which explore mythology and morphology as well as our underlying theme of metamorphosis and emergence. Over three collections, Tom has cleverly depicted the transition from day into night in an ever-evolving visual language for Morpho + Luna.

For Spring/Summer 18, Tom took inspiration from the tropical island of Réunion. He also drew on the surreal, vibrant works of post-Impressionist artist Henri Rousseau, bringing the island’s stunning scenery to life in a print that features bold foliage, brightly coloured birds-of-paradise and, of course, Morpho + Luna’s signature motif: butterflies. The artwork, which has a rich colour palette incorporating deep blues and golds, appears as a print on Italian silk, as well as featuring in intricate embroidery.

In his exquisite artwork for Autumn/Winter 17, Tom turned to the mythology surrounding Persephone, the queen of the underworld, as well as the cult of Demeter, the goddess of the harvest. Appearing across a range of robes and separates, the alluring print is inspired by Flower Piece (1639), a famous still-life painting of flowers in bloom by the Dutch artist Hans Gillisz Bollongier. Sleepwear is the bridge between the two realities of night and day, and this print celebrates the juxtaposition of light and darkness, as well as the changing of the seasons.

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