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Our Story

Morpho + Luna is the combination of a vibrant blue Morpho butterfly and a delicate white Luna moth—inspired by the name of a rebellious baroness: an adventurer who constantly sought out a new space for her ideas, her expression, and her very being.


A kaleidoscope of butterflies celebrating the ever-changing pattern of shapes, the colours of life, the strong and the subtle. We are home to adventurers, philosophers, dancers and fencers, hunting for beauty and light. Like the delicate wings for which she is named after, the Morpho + Luna woman is nimble, determined, colourful and free.


Whether she wears Morpho + Luna to bed, to sneak out to a moonlit party, to host a breakfast for a group of friends, to cut flowers in the garden, or to float in the collection all day long (because she feels too magical to ever take it off), we are inspired by women who play by their own rules.


Made in Italy and based in Milan, Morpho + Luna was born in London out of a desire to create a timeless, refined, and elegant sleep and home wear brand for those who are committed to excellence and self expression. With a relentless passion for design, craftsmanship, fabrics and prints, the ever-evolving collections are inspired by the essence of nature, beauty in art, and the rich Italian heritage of its founder, Cécile Gavazzi.


Having a French mother and Italian father, Cécile grew up between cultures, languages and countries. Her father and mother encouraged her to treasure both her past, and her family’s. In the early 18th Century, the Gavazzi family began trading and producing silk in Valmadrera, near Como. Their factories, which existed up to her father’s generation, were renowned throughout Europe and were even some of the earliest importers of Chinese and Japanese silks.


The influence of ancient fabrics, artisan production and exquisite taste is the Morpho + Luna story.


Mindful of the environment, Morpho + Luna only uses production methods and materials that are 100% traceable, and guaranteed to be fair and responsible at every stage of the process. Morpho + Luna is—and always will be—an advocate for slow fashion and sustainable luxury. 


To learn more about Cecile, and her story, please visit AT HOME WITH: OUR FOUNDER CÉCILE GAVAZZI in the Journal section of our website.