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Cécile Gavazzi: DREAMT IN DETAIL



I am dreamer, as I have been for my entire life. Being a dreamer doesn’t mean walking around with your head in the clouds—it’s actually quite the opposite. I teach my children that dreams are realities in waiting, and in dreams we plant the seeds of our future.

But being a dreamer is also about balance, and filling my home with order, beauty and tradition. It is from my nest that I draw on confidence, strength and creativity. And it was with this verve that I created Morpho + Luna in 2014. I had three young children at home and needed all of the confidence and strength I could get.

After a long day, I craved nothing more than crisp linen sheets and a silk PJ set, but I couldn’t find the quality and ethos I was looking for. In the end, I preferred an increasingly threadbare velvet robe to anything on the market.




I am French and Italian and return to family homes in Brittany and on Lake Como every year. I remember looking through a drawer of old fabrics with my mother—my father’s family produced silk in Valmadrera and from my grandmother there were yards of embroidered linen from France.

The development of Morpho + Luna happened quite naturally. I began to discover that there were small, family run mills producing the types of fabrics I craved, and started with a small production. At the time I was reading a book by Hannah Rothschild called “The Baroness: The Search for Nica, the Rebellious Rothschild” and was fascinated by the story and by the name of this incredibly extravagant Baroness. Her father, an entomologist, named her Pannonica after an elusive moth. When settling on a name for this nightwear project, I could think of nothing more inspiring than this unique woman, this nighttime butterfly, and I picked a butterfly and a moth named after the God of dreams and of the moon that illuminates the dark.





Morpho + Luna creates pieces that, in essence, are refined and timeless. These things are important to me, both when it comes to nightwear and home-wear. I am very happy in the countryside, and I have incorporated a lot of green and natural colours, and pieces that remind me of the outdoors and nature. Certain rooms and spaces might call for more order and minimalism, while in others I allow myself to play with textures and richer colours. Morpho + Luna is definitely a reflection of this as well.

I collect a lot, and love looking through country markets or brocantes in France for ceramics, vases and small antique finds. If you look closely these objects have details that make them quite unique and beautiful. They carry a story and a soul—and this is what counts the most for me.

Our collections are built in this way, and the real luxury is in the details: fabrics, trims, laces, hand-embroidery, colour palettes. We find a story and try to bring it to life through wonderful materials and quality craftsmanship.





The making is just as important as the materials. I have been very much influenced by the ideas of ‘Slow Fashion’ and of relying on quality manufacturing. Beauty is not simply in a look or in the façade, but in the journey from origin to result.

I have been fortunate to be supported by family and friends during my own journey, and I have gained strength and confidence along the way. Many years ago, I dreamt of Morpho + Luna, of making wonderful pieces in a way that celebrate the ethics and aesthetics that are important to me. It is my hope that, with each collection, other women are able to fill their home with beauty and the things they need to turn their dreams into realities.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Lauren Luxenberg
HAIR & MAKE-UP: Cat Parnell