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Our fabrics:

Natural plant fibres:


Our light weight cotton is chosen for its soft, comfortable and breathable nature and is sourced from Italy or Switzerland depending on product and style. The cotton yarns are grown in the USA or Egypt, two countries renowned for their high quality threads and is thus the best cotton available on the world market.


Our beautiful, medium weight flax linen is chosen for its soft and smooth texture and is sourced from companies which have a wealth of knowledge and experience in weaving going back generations in Italy, Ireland and the UK depending on product and style. The flax itself is grown in France, Belgium, The Netherlands and Russia where the climate, soil quality and experience of growers combine to produce excellent quality flax with longer fibres in order to create a resistant and even thread. This also helps to ensure the fabric and finished pieces have a consistent and textured appearance.   

Our main linen supplier is affiliated with Sistema Moda Italia and was a founding member of Centro Lino Italiano.

Natural animal fibres:


Our exquisite 22 momme mulberry silk is sourced directly from China, the world’s foremost silk producer, with no third-party involvement. Mulberry silk is the highest quality silk available for purchase and is 100% natural, odourless and hypoallergenic. We use 22 momme (a Japanese form of measurement) silk as it has almost double the life of silk with a lower momme and the denser weave protects the lustre and sheen of the silk to create a much more luxurious and durable fabric.

Our printed silk is printed in Como which is home to the best silk printers in the world. Our yarn dyed jacquard silk is woven and dyed in Como using environmentally sustainable technologies.


Our soft and warm fine wools are supplied by an Italian woollen mill, highly regarded for its focus on sustainability and use of eco-sustainable technology.

The woollen mill owns merino stations in New Zealand where the wool is produced humanely without the sheep being subjected to mulesing. This ensures a high quality fibre and the resulting yarn is carefully selected and imported to Italy where it is combed and woven to create the finished fabric using artisanal methods and techniques.


We source our cashmere in Italy and Kashmir depending on the style.

Our light weight, soft and warm pashmina cashmere is expertly made from the finest cashmere goats in Kashmir. It takes one month to weave and embroider each robe as they are entirely loomed and embroidered by hand to create an unusually light, warm and extremely soft fabric. Yarns are dyed using natural colours made by the local community.

Our medium weight, soft and warm cashmere used for our loungewear collection comes from Hircus goats in Mongolia and/or China and is amongst the finest cashmere available.


A limited number of our pieces were initially made from ultra-fine, smooth and stretch resistant viscose as the fabric we sourced was of extremely good quality and we fell in love with the colour. Whilst viscose is made from natural sources regenerated as cellulose fibre and is neither inherently toxic nor polluting, we no longer produce pieces which are made from it.