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Our Name


Morpho + Luna’s luxury lifestyle pieces combine masculine silhouettes with subtle feminine detailing, and this juxtaposition of male and female is a theme that runs through all our collections. It is also reflected in our name, which is taken from the male blue Morpho butterfly and the female white Luna moth; when brought together, they convey the essence of our brand.


We are fascinated by the metamorphosis undertaken by these captivating and unique creatures, and this theme of transformation, of switching from day to night and night to day, shows through in our cocooning yet versatile pieces, which can be worn as daywear or nightwear and can be either dressed up or dressed down to suit your mood. Founded by two women, Morpho + Luna has female empowerment at its heart, and our aim has always been to create very special pieces that allow women to transform themselves, and to feel both beautiful and powerful at the same time.


Another key inspiration for us is mythology; the first part of our name is also derived from Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams, who appears in Ovid’s Metamorphoses. And Luna is the Italian word for Moon, a representation of our fascination with the night sky as well as paying homage to our Italian roots. You’ll find motifs from all these themes in many of our garments.

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