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THE METAMORPHOSIS of the butterfly is a reminder to embrace change. Our Dancing Butterflies collection is our first new line to arrive after Morpho + Luna has undergone its own transformation, having moved our entire operation from London to Milan.

It was fitting that this change happened at the end of the Summer holiday. In Italian, we describe this period as a ‘rientro’—a ‘coming back’. But more than just a return to work, my own rientro has meant a return to Milan, a city I haven’t lived in since I was in my late twenties. It was for this reason that this launch has been particularly special and allowed expand the brand in new ways as we built deeper relationships with our co-creators & production partners.




OUR NEW STUDIO, located at Via Luigi Amedeo Melegari 4, sits on a little road just off Via Mozart and only a few steps for the famous house-museum Villa Necchi Campiglio. The villa, as well the architecture of the surrounding neighborhood, is a triumph of Italian art-deco. For this important launch, these Art Deco shapes, as well as the butterfly, Morpho + Luna’s iconic element, began to inspire us for our new fabric prints.

With this excitement and energy, I began to design the cuts, patterns and prints with my team and my producers. For over a year now we have been working with Mantero, a 120-year-old family textile company based in Como. Now that I live within an hour from the factory, I found myself driving up frequently and pouring through their silk archive of antique and ancient prints from around the world. It was through this collaboration that we found unique Japanese Art Deco designs that inspired the patterns in this collection.

The tessellated butterflies, sinuous vines and the swirling inky patterns that drip over our twill silk were all inspired by historical pieces that have been out of production for generations.




IT WAS THIS early success that affirmed to us that our decision to move closer to our production line was giving us the ability to grow, develop and evolve. But as it turned out, this was just the beginning.

Over the years I have at times been so frustrated not to have the right size for a client. It might have happened because we ran out of a popular size or failed to produce all range of sizes from XS to XXL but would only be made more frustrating if we had an overproduction elsewhere. So, when I sat down with my producers—from the printers in Como to the seamstresses we rely on—we decided that with such an integrated production line, we can finally offer our clients a made to order service on a selection of our pieces.

This is what the slow fashion movement is all about: producing what our clients need, reducing waste and following our production line from thread to garment. And for Morpho + Luna it truly does start from the thread. My partners at Mantero have been looking at ways to reduce waste and overproduction themselves. Over the past few years, they have been experimenting with ways to create a new yarn out of the highest quality silk surplus and unused fabric and come up with Resilk®.

The fabric, which we have used for several of our pieces in this collection, has an unusual warm softness that feels like the best quality cashmere. Not only is it perfect for people with a wool allergy, but it celebrates the best qualities of sustainability by turning an overproduction into something new and beautiful.




THE PHOTOGRAPHY for Dancing Butterflies was shot in the apartment of my dear friends Nicolò Castellini Baldissera and Christopher Garis, who recently moved to the city as well—a return for Nicolò and a new adventure for Kit. Rich colours and eclectic furniture fill this traditional Milanese apartment with life; it proved to be a perfect setting to for this collection. (I encourage you to look at their recently launched furniture line Casa Tosca, of which I am a big fan!)

Milan is often considered mineral and austere on the outside, but, as I have been rediscovering, is filled with hidden gardens and secret treasures such as aforementioned Villa Necchi, which was designed by Nicolò’s great-grandfather Piero Portaluppi.  I love the aspects of Nicolò’s interior that resonate with our Art Deco inspiration, and it turned out to be a wonderful serendipity that the Dancing Butterflies collection was photographed here.



So much about the Morpho + Luna ethos is celebrating home life, and it is a true joy to work with friends that fill their private lives with vibrant beauty. Recently, while setting up my new home in Milan, I’ve been reminiscing about little things of beauty from my childhood home that could turn chores into luxuries, such as my grandmother’s linen napkins and placemats. It spurred me to create Morpho + Luna’s first small-batch collection of homeware.

ALL OF THE CHANGES we’ve endured over the last few years have made me appreciate the comforts and indulgences that make spending time at home pleasurable. I want to thank my amazing Morpho + Luna team who have helped me bring some of these comforts and indulgences to life. We have strived to create a new collection that feels both natural and sophisticated, while embracing sustainability and the tenets of slow fashion at every turn.

I invite you into the world of our Dancing Butterflies, the 2021/2022 Resort Collection by Morpho + Luna


Founder & Creative Director