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Head in the Clouds: Capturing the Essence of Summer in Milan


Introducing: Head in the Clouds Summer Capsule collection, shot by Alexandra Adami in Milan.



This exquisite Summer Capsule comes to life through the lens of talented photographer Alexandra Adami. Her unique and evocative imagery captures the beauty of our newest 100% cotton plumetil pieces, blending the ordinary with the fantastical.



Feminine and elegant pieces, crafted from soft and lightweight cotton plumetil, offering flattering and comfortable fits. Trimmed with delicate cotton lace, they are a testament to Morpho + Luna’s ongoing commitment to craftsmanship and timeless style. These pieces are perfect for warm summer nights and beyond.



Alexandra Adami's unique ability to blend the ordinary with the fantastical, invites viewers into a world where the familiar becomes extraordinary, and the mundane is reimagined as magical.



Likely to resonate with those who appreciate the fusion of art and fashion, Adami's work elevates our creations and makes us all feel like our ‘heads are in the clouds’, seeing the world not just as it is, but for its potential wonders.






Discover the beauty and elegance of our new summer capsule and let yourself be transported to a dreamy summer in Milan.


After all, summer is not just a season; it’s a state of mind.



Discover Alexandra Adami's world here.


Warm regards,

Cécile and Morpho + Luna Team


Alexandra Adami

After spending over 15 years in the TV/advertising and photography industry, initially based in New York, then London, and now Milan, Alexandra decided to pick up her own camera and immerse herself in creative projects. She developed a passion for photographing beautiful interiors and shooting 'creative portraits'. Her special interests are in abandoned and dystopian settings, as well as in combining the beautiful with unconventional elements. Eclectic, colorful, and a bit of mystery are her favorite components when creating visuals. She has received several photography awards, including winning the prestigious 'Portrait of Britain' and 'Portrait of Humanity' awards twice.