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One of the magical and unexpected opportunities that have arisen since I founded Morpho + Luna in 2014 is the chance it has afforded me to meet and connect with so many accomplished and inspirational women around the world who share the same aesthetic and values as me and are navigating similar paths of business and motherhood to myself. And it was through Morpho + Luna that I first came into contact with the wonderfully talented food writer and cook, Mimi Thorisson, who lives with her family between the rural, wine growing region of Medoc in France and the historic city of Turin in northern Italy. Mimi’s connection to these two countries and cultures are as integral to her story and way of living as they are to mine and her wonderful cookbooks, French Country Cooking, A Kitchen in France and Old World Italian not only showcase her charming world but really capture the magic of authentic French and Italian cooking. Mimi has long been a champion of Morpho + Luna and it brings me such pleasure to share with you her beautiful poem An Ode to Breakfast and a delicious recipe for her Chestnut and Ricotta pancakes, imagined and crafted to describe a perfect Morpho + Luna Sunday morning breakfast.

With love,
Cécile Gavazzi
Founder, Morpho + Luna


An Ode to Breakfast

I see a glimpse of a beautiful view
from the slightly drawn curtains comes a ray of sunlight.

I see the birds on the balcony, and smell the sweetness of the fresh air.
It's breakfast time
it's Sunday
and every Sunday I wish for a sumptuous petit déjeuner.

I smell coffee
chestnuts are sautéing in the pan with salted butter
the bacon is sizzling and golden
the ricotta is perfectly angelic
the pancakes are bubbling on the surface
I'd say everything is rather well played.

Just a few swirls of maple syrup
a pour of coffee in my favourite cup
my breakfast is ready and it's everything I wanted.

Mimi Thorisson


Recipe for chestnut & ricotta pancakes

For 10 pancakes:
125g ricotta cheese
80 g flour
Sifted 40g chestnut flour
Sifted1 tbsp baking powder
A pinch of salt
1 egg, separated
1 tbsp honey
100 ml milk 100g cooked chestnuts, roughly chopped
Grated zest of 1/2 lemons
Butter, for frying

For garnishing:
100 g (or more) cooked chestnut
10 rashers of bacon
Maple syrup or honey

Combine the flour, baking powder and salt in a large bowl. Whisk the egg yolk with the milk in a bowl. In a separate bowl whisk the egg white till stiff. Add to the dry mixture and mix until smooth. Fold in ricotta, egg white, honey then the lemon zest until you have a light batter. Sauté the chestnuts in a bit of salted butter until golden. Fry the bacon or roast in the oven until golden. Heat a nonstick frying pan on a low heat and add a tiny bit of butter. Working in batches, add about half a ladleful of the batter to the pan for each pancake. Cook the batter until the bottom is golden and the edges are cooked. Once bubbles have risen to the top of the pancake, flip it and cook on the other side for a minute. Keep warm Assemble everything together and serve with maple syrup or honey.

Mimi is the accomplished author of three cookbooks, French Country Cooking, A Kitchen in France and Old World Italian and her recipe and photos – captured by her photographer husband, Oddur Thorisson - are a visual and culinary delight. We invite you to follow their beautiful Instagram accounts on @mimithor @oddthor for more.



Mimi Thorisson is wearing our mulberry silk Bianca robe and Colette pyjama set from our new Jardin de Nuit collection. Inspired by botanical drawings found in 17th and 18th century pattern books, it features a striking floral print of flowers chosen for their uplifting symbolism.


Photographs by: Oddur Thorisson