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Whether you live in a minimalist city apartment, a classically furnished Victorian townhouse or a cosy country cottage, your home is your sanctuary; a place where you can feel safe, relaxed and comfortable, surrounded by the people – and things – that you love and cherish.

The proverb ‘home is where the heart is’ dates back to Roman times, and where we choose to live has always been hugely important, but our home has taken on a new level of significance in recent years. In our increasingly on-demand society – with the rise of social media, of Netflix and box-sets, of working from home, and the ease with which meals and ingredients can be delivered straight to your door – the ‘staying in is the new going out’ mantra has never been more relevant.

In 2016, the Danish concept of hygge ­– creating a cosy and convivial atmosphere that promotes wellbeing – swept through Britain, and many of us have embraced the art of hygge, creating warm, cocooning spaces in our homes. And this doesn’t have to be extravagant – beautiful, comforting things can be as simple as a mug or a vase, a photo or a book. Just focusing on – and celebrating – objects that we find aesthetically pleasing can help energise our spirits, reduce stress levels and improve our mental health.

Carefully curated home furnishings can turn an ordinary room into an extraordinary space, reflecting both its function and the individual style of its inhabitants. You can create a cosy environment using soft furnishings in a variety of textures, and enhance them with light, heat and scent from a number of sources, such as log burners, candles, fresh flowers and home-cooked food.

Even when spending time alone, it’s all about finding comfort and pleasure in simple things, such as switching off your smartphone, ditching the high heels, lighting a fragrant candle and slipping into your favourite pyjamas. By simply slowing down you can adjust your focus, appreciate the beauty in your surroundings and feel more happy and relaxed.

This is something we feel very strongly about at Morpho + Luna – we see ourselves as a lifestyle brand, and have designed a range of luxury loungewear that perfectly complements this concept. You can surround ourselves with beautiful sights, sounds and smells, yet touch is equally important. What you wear is a key part of feeling happy and at ease with your surroundings, and as your lifestyle changes, so too does your wardrobe. Whether you’re enjoying a relaxing night in curled up on the sofa with a partner, a lazy Sunday morning with family, or a convivial catch-up over coffee with friends, you want to feel comfortable but also elegant.

For our garments we use only the finest fabrics, which we have taken time to source from only the best producers in Italy. Our 100% natural, non-synthetic materials are kind to your skin and also environmentally friendly, something that’s also very important to us. From cotton, silk and velvet to wool and linen, these pure, sumptuous materials add an extra layer of luxury to your downtime, and we believe that, just like your enhanced surroundings, the feel of such exquisite fabrics next to your skin will immediately lift your spirits and make you feel special.

Unlike a lot of mass-produced loungewear, our pieces are carefully crafted over time – such as our 100% pashmina cashmere Jade robe, which is hand-woven in Kashmir, India, and features intricate hand embroidery that takes over a month to produce – or our printed silk Inés pyjama set and Bianca robe that feature a specially commissioned bespoke artwork that takes months to develop.

Appreciating the level of craftsmanship that goes into each garment, and understanding that it has been designed to last a lifetime, can give you an emotional connection to it, thus lifting your mood as soon as you put it on.

We believe that there are therapeutic benefits to the environment you’ve created around your own individual style and needs – and slipping into some luxury loungewear is the perfect finishing touch to satisfying all your senses.

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