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At Morpho + Luna we use only the finest fabrics, and are committed to quality, craftsmanship and sustainability in everything we do. That is why we always work with like-minded suppliers who can complement our ethos of fashion with a conscience. 


This is particularly evident in our wool garments, which are made from an innovative wool fabric produced by renowned Italian textile company Reda 1865 (named after the year it was founded). The Piedmont-based company, which is the family business of Morpho + Luna co-founder Carola Botto Poala Voli, has a very carefully controlled production process, and is the only wool mill in the world to have environmental certification from EMAS (Eco Management and Audit Scheme).


Carola, who grew up watching her father producing metres and metres of precious Merino wool, says: ‘Reda 1865 believes in three things – the people, the planet and the family – and when I co-founded Morpho + Luna I wanted to apply these same values, as well as the attention to detail that I had seen my father employ many years ago.’



The offices pictured here were once the family’s home, transformed as the business grew. ‘When I go there it feels like I’m home – and I believe the Reda “family” of 600 people feel the same way,’ says Carola. ‘Selecting fabrics from Reda 1865 is an absolute delight, because the two companies share the same values.’


It’s fortunate that Morpho + Luna and Reda work so well together, because our wool garments take an incredible one-and-a-half years (or 547 days!) to produce, with up to 500 people involved in the process.


The story begins in New Zealand, where the finest quality Merino wool sheep are reared on one of Reda’s three farms, which are ZQ-accredited, meaning they adhere to fair, sustainable wool practices. The sheep are shorn just once a year, and, once a sufficient amount has been collected, the wool is shipped to Italy. Here, it is painstakingly combed for a week before being weaved, which takes around 100 days. 



Once we’ve chosen our fabrics it then takes a further 90-100 days for our order to arrive, and each garment takes around 60 days to make. ‘It is very important to me that our pieces carry the “Made in Italy” label – it’s a sign of expert craftsmanship and the highest quality materials,’ says Carola. 



The innovative wool flannel used in our collections is technically advanced, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, for a fabric that is incredibly soft and light, but with excellent elasticity and resistance. 


For our autumn/winter 2018 collection, we have used three fabrics from Reda 1865, and these appear across the collection, in pieces such as the Amelie robe, Tess sleep shirt, Inés pyjama set and Zac trousers, as well as our beautiful embroidered kimono robe, Bella. Designed to be worn year-round, our wool loungewear is perfect for long-haul travel, as not only will it be crease-free at the end of your journey, it will help regulate your body temperature as you move between cool and warm environments.


Shop our wool collection. For more information on Reda, visit reda1865.com. 

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